Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Most experiences of trauma create disruptive patterns in the nervous system. Return to your nature and heal with this evidence-informed practice accessible to all people.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a specialized practice based on trauma theory and neuroscience applied to the practice of hatha yoga.  It supports participant empowerment, choice, and present moment awareness, within the context of a safe facilitator relationship. As such, it has been shown in research, including randomized controlled trials, to decrease traumatic stress symptoms, which are often stored in the body as somatic memories. 

The Body's Response to Trauma

Polyvagal Theory helps us understand responses to trauma that, in the moment, are not in one’s control.  They are necessary for survival.  Yet the nervous system may embed these responses such that they become maladaptive patterns over time interfering with day-to-day functioning. 

The emotional and intrinsic non-verbal memories of trauma can become stored in the physical body, leading to musculoskeletal problems, pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, sleep disturbance, mental health conditions, and more.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga can help

The National Center for Trauma-Informed Care’s Key Principles are applied to the practice of yoga, to access and release traumatic suffering stuck in the body.

Talk alone is a limiting approach to healing trauma

  • Traumatic memories are stored differently in the brain and the body, and often become fragmented
  • The traumatic experience may have occurred at a time before language development
  • Trauma symptoms may even result from a family member’s trauma, whereby changes in the nervous system are passed down genetically or epigenetically
  •  Dialoguing about the trauma without the proper resources and tools may reinforce the neurological pathways associated with the trauma and can be retraumatizing 
  • Trauma often becomes “stuck” in the body, contributing to physical and mental symptoms best accessed by somatic practices.

this is an accessible practice for all people, including experienced yogis or new beginners

 It can be practiced on a chair or mat, with a trained facilitator.

Dr. Mandy O'Hara is a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Faciliator with years of experience

Compassion Sharing’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga is based on Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-informed approach originating at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts.  In a landmark randomized controlled trial, TCTSY combined with psychotherapy was shown to diminish trauma symptoms—even cure the diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder—in adult survivors with persistent symptoms despite two years of talk therapy.  This occurred after just 10 weekly TCTSY sessions added to talk therapy!

You are invited to join
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Group Chair Practice

Tuesday Evenings

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Personalized Session

One Hour Chair or Mat

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