About Dr. Mandy O’Hara

I often say, my career chose me.

By that I mean, the path continues to unfold naturally for me with great meaning and purpose step by step. My calling is to simply step forward and fully show up. So here I am, following the signs toward becoming my most authentic self.

I began my medical career as a pediatrician for foster children, which was an opportunity to support and bear witness to the remarkable resiliency of children.  Years later becoming a board-certified child abuse pediatrician was a turning point toward prioritizing my own wellness as well as others’.   My path became clear – as important as becoming an expert medical subspecialist, I had to discover how to manage the emotional challenges of the work. I sprung forward into trainings, healings, ritual, and practices to ensure my own resiliency in the face of vicarious trauma and my ability to shine my light fully in my work and my life.  Over more than a decade, I’ve dove into deep exploration of integrative healing modalities.  I hope to lead by example to open the door for others to explore holistic practices to support wellness and longevity in the face of life and work challenges, for the betterment of all.   

We all share this journey.  I am grateful to be of service to all who show up,

Some of Dr. O’Hara’s Trainings and Certifications

From her own experience of secondary trauma as an empathic physician, and life’s adversities at a pivotal time in her personal and professional journey, meditation, Reiki, yoga, shamanic healing, and narrative writing became cornerstones for her own healing.

Narrative Medicine by Dr. Mandy O’Hara