Reiki & Runes


Reiki is the universal energy that exists in all living beings.  Dr. Mikao Usui discovered Reiki as a complementary and alternative healing modality in Japan in the 1900’s when he first used it to heal himself.  When Reiki energy is balanced through light touch or distance healing by an attuned Reiki Master, it supports physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. People often experience Reiki as profound relaxation, leading to sound sleep.  With more frequent sessions over time, Reiki enhances intuition, creativity, and a sense of connection.  Dr. O’Hara is a Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui tradition, after a decade of hands-on, in-person training through a lineage of teachers that can be traced back to 1925 to Dr. Usui himself.

“I had a distance Reiki session with Dr. O’Hara from 3000 miles away. Our start time was at 8:00.  As my body relaxed and the clock ticked from 7:59 to 8:00, I could immediately feel a grounding energy and a sensation of compassionate light.  I could feel as Dr. O’Hara addressed different areas of my physical body.  As each focus moved, I felt deep healing as the attention shifted from one area to another.  Dr. O’Hara is an extremely gifted Reiki practitioner, and I carried her restrorative vibration for days afterward.  She carries the gift of healing, even across thousands of miles.”

Alex F.

Reiki Session

One Hour


In Person
Reiki Session

One Hour



Runes are an ancient alphabet dating back thousands of years to Scandinavia,  thought to hold secret magic for those who access their messages.  As tools in divination, they encode a set of profound teachings rooted in Norse wisdom tradition.  Ancient tales speak of their discovery by the Norse God Odin.  The twenty-four runestaves of the Elder Futhark alphabet carry the energy underlying one’s unique circumstance at the time of consultation.  For the runecaster they can be interpreted to reflect a particular situation and offer guidance.  

“Runes can teach us self-mastery and gift us with its fruits.  In the original sources, they are praised as a guide to action, a remedy for misfortune, and a magical tool for promoting empowerment, fulfillment, prosperity, and peace.”

-excerpt from Nordic Runes, 2003 by Paul Rhys Mountfort

Rune Casting

Dr. O’Hara connects with her Norse ancestry when casting the runes on your behalf.

What You Will Receive:

  • The runes casted for your particular question
  • The runecasting interpretation
  • A personalized runic tool for integration, direction, and empowerment


Reiki & Runes

Try both traditions together….
(Note: Only available with 45 minute Distance Reiki)