Trauma-Sensitive Biofeedback Training


Three one-hour personalized training sessions in HeartMath™ Biofeedback, with your own bluetooth device for daily practice.

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Utilizing HeartMath™ heart rate variability technology, you will receive trauma-sensitive, personalized training in 3 one-hour sessions to use this modality to support your healing and daily stress management.  Heart rate variability in a state of coherence, which you will learn, is a balanced state supporting emotion regulation, focus, and calm. In this training, you will need to purchase your own HeartMath™ bluetooth device (available here) and bring to your first Session.  Together we will set up your device linked to the HeartMath app and learn trauma-sensitive HeartMath techniques for you to practice, experience, and reflect, as a daily resource to support your wellbeing. Dr. O’Hara is a Trauma-Sensitive Heartmath Certified Practitioner, and brings this skill plus more to guide you in adding this tool to your toolkit for healing and wellbeing.