Heart Energy

Heart Energy…whether you feel it or not, is ever-present.  The mere experience of becoming aware of it leads to its amplification, impacting your wellbeing as well as those around you. The Chakra system defines this energy as a wheel in motion emanating from the chest and upper back area circumferentially, like a drop of water in a lake radiating outward in increasingly larger concentric circles.   Heart Energy is the 4th Chakra called the Anahata Chakra and is associated with being in balance.  Parental love is one example that lives in the Heart Chakra, and people in this amplified energy state are soothing to be around.

Heart energy can expand with conscious intention, or contract with unconscious withdrawal.  As such, we can decide the state of our Heart Energy.  Certain thoughts associated with positive, renewing emotions naturally expand the energy of the heart. The brain is neurologically connected with the heart, primarily through the autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve, in what’s called the Heart-Brain Connection.  Imagining a time, place, or experience when you felt gratitude, care, love, or appreciation, activates the Heart-Brain Connection and naturally expands energy from the heart.

Heart Energy is a felt energy.  It simply feels good, and may be described as a softening, warmth, peace, content, acceptance, connection, elevation, or pure love.  Imagine right now, something you are most grateful for, or a time or place when you felt deep appreciation.  Maybe place your hand over your heart area.  Your eyes may soften downward or perhaps gently close, as you imagine gratitude or appreciation and tap into the Heart-Brain Connection.  Notice what you feel.  This is a place you can return to anytime, any day, anywhere.

Heart energy is not only renewing, but also a place to go for supporting negative emotions.  The immense power of the heart can be envisioned as a vast container, capable of holding any emotion, no matter how great.  In the energy of the heart, we feel truth, and it is here that we can expand our energy fields to connect with something much greater than any one of us alone.  Conscious decision-making to bathe our painful emotions in the energy of the heart naturally buffers their effect.  In the energy of the heart, challenging emotions such as anger, jealousy, sorrow, or pain, dissipate while being contained, rather than swirl around us out of control.  Imagine right now, a time when you’ve felt sadness, anger, jealously, or pain.  Maybe place a hand over your heart.  Your eyes may soften downward or gently close, as you imagine your Heart Energy envelope this emotion from every angle, supporting it with radiant love.

Compassion Sharing©️ is a communication tool that naturally amplifies energy from the heart.  Acknowledging what is felt in the context of compassionate care, be it sorrow for another or shared joy, amplifies Heart Energy and serves as a container for such emotions in support of integrated wellbeing.  Much of our day-to-day moments of compassion rush by unacknowledged, yet these moments have the ability to shift our energetic state towards greater peace and improved balance.  This begins, is felt, and contained, in the energy of the heart.  One does not need years of training or discipline to tap into Heart Energy.  It is easily accessed in the physical body, ready and waiting to support our wellbeing whenever, wherever, and any day we wish.

Dr. Mandy O’Hara

Founder, Compassion Sharing, LLC